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Ad Spend Transparency

Central to a strong ROI (or ROAS) is managing the cost of any advertising campaign. So how does a marketer go about managing the costs?  The costs are what they are, right?  Wrong.

Nearly every platform, vendor, and certainly agency has to add in their own costs to each ad campaign to keep the lights on, pay bills, and make a profit.  Some are more transparent about this as they may disclose it in your agreement, others use misleading terms like dynamic margin. With Spill, you see beyond empty words with real data.

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Audience Transparency 

Marketing vendors, platforms and agencies love to say "the right message to the right person at the right time."  So let's talk about that right person.

The reality is it's extremely difficult as a marketer to know if your vendor is even targeting the audience they claim.  Additionally, most vendors make more money when they target a broader audience that by definition isn't only the "right person".  Spill enables marketers to see who is really being targeted so you can hold vendors accountable to what they say.


Creative Transparency

In digital, you often hear about A/B testing.  This applies to many aspects to digital campaigns including creatives.  However, 99% of marketers implement A/B testing incorrectly. As a result, while they many think they have optimized the campaign, the reality is that they are running sub-par creatives with a poorly optimized campaign.

Spill enabled marketers to get real transparency about which creatives are propelling your brand the furthest and how to make the biggest impact with the ad budgets that you have.


Reporting Transparency

Digital advertising today is an extremely competitive environment for vendors, platforms, and agencies where usually the person with the highest ROI get the lion-share of the ad budget.  As a result, vendors are highly incentivized to use attribution models as well as probabilistic techniques that make them look the best.  The main kicker is that they usually never tell you what assumptions they made in their attribution models. And for those Google Analytics fans out there, they can game GA too.

Smart marketers leverage Spill to get transparency into 3rd party reports and understand all those details they didn't want you to know about.

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