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Jordan Bentley

In 2013, I founded my first advertising technology company.  The team and I had developed some novel technology and our goal was to make banner ads, something that was often look down on, more effective.

We had no experience in advertising but came from strong math, engineering, and computer science backgrounds.

Over the next five years we became highly knowledgable in digital advertising.  We ran all types of campaigns for thousands of advertisers in the process building attribution models, ad servers, data management systems, programmatic bidders, cross device solutions, and the list goes on.  However, the thing we learned more than all of that, was how the ad business operates financially.

It turns out that one thing nearly every company has is an advertising budget, and those ad budgets tend to be large.  Moreover, with the rise of advertising platforms like Google, AdRoll, Facebook, Mailchimp, nearly anyone can sell ads.  As a result, this created a perfect storm.

Now any company looking to increase revenues, whether that is a newspaper business, a popular app, software company, or even some guy in his parents basement, they can all claim to be digital gurus promising great results for your ad campaigns.  While the unfortunate truth is that those ad dollars start to get divided up among a daisy chain of subcontractors and white labeled platforms until there is only about a quarter of each dollar left to actually spend on advertising.

But wait, if such few dollars are actually being spent on advertising, why does the reporting and website analytics that I receive look so good?  The short answer, fancy math and statistics.  (If you want the long answer, i'm always willing to hop on a call.) 

Don't get me wrong, digital advertising works and can drive great returns for advertisers.  However advertisers are on a very different playing field than the vendors, platforms, and agencies that they entrusted.  We founded Spill to fix this.  Advertisers need to tools and transparency to understand what is really going on behind the scenes.  There are a lot of great vendors, agencies, and platforms out there but as President Ronald Reagan would say “Trust But Verify.”

Jordan Bentley, Founder

Our manifesto

We believe that full and unobstructed information is the center stone to successful advertising and marketing.

​During the renaissance period and prior to the printing press, students had to sit at the feet of masters and with blind trust learn a skill or trade.  Similarly, businesses today have to blindly trust marketing vendors, agencies, and platforms as the information they provide is limited and incomplete.  Moreover, just as the rulers of the day controlled information in order to keep the lower and middle class in submission, vendors strategically provide just enough information to businesses as to believe they can make data driven decisions.

Furthermore, the printing press allowed students direct access to text and information such that they could achieve mastery on their own.  When businesses are provided full and unobstructed information with complete transparency, they are no longer beholden to marketing platforms or vendors but rather empowered to make educated decisions that allow for unfettered growth. 

We, the people and individuals of Spill, publicly and unanimously proclaim our commitment to aiding and assisting the people of any business, whether small or large, that they too may break free and control their own success.

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